Rorge the Bulwark

Dragonborn paladin of Bahamut, member of the lost expedition


A bronze-scaled dragonborn of enormous proportions, clad head to toe in plate armor which was said to have been blessed by the Father of Dragons himself, wielding a great variety of bladed weapons. Every piece of equipment he wielded sported a pendant hanging from it, fashioned in the shape of Bahamut’s crest, which was also emgraved upon his breastplate.


One of the few warriors of legend that could be called truly righteous, Rorge Tryn can be counted among the great heroes that sometimes blessed Coastfall with their presence throughout the ages. Once a mercenary and bandit, the individual who would later become known as The Bulwark for his defence of others found his purpose in the worship of Bahamut after spending several years in the city of Ravadove’s Pillars.
to view the world as his god must
Taking up the mantle as a paladin of Bahamut, Father of Dragons, and being bessed with armor that shielded him from his foes, Rorge set out into the world to forge his legacy. Many a years went by. Many a lives were improved through his aid. Then, a call came, for men and women of great proficiency to explore a new and perilous land that only legends treaded upon.

Seeing his chance to view the world as his god must, not as a closed off continent, but as a vast expanse of lands, cultures and adventure, Rorge slung his shield upon his back and headed for the harbor. How could he have known what he was getting into?

Rorge the Bulwark

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