The Haedensturm

The Haedensturm comprises the majority of Fisher’s Way, with the name denominating all areas within the Sturmwall. While Shanties Town serves as a means for merchants and other such folk to transport their goods into the city, in addition to providing a place to lay down their heads at night for a fair price, the Haedensturm is where most of the trade takes place. The area plays host to the local branches of both the The River Bank and the The Quarry Lodge, and it is rumored that a The Hidden Fraternity and other less scrupulous individuals is located somewhere within the city.

The Haedensturm in loosely divided into a series of districts, going from the wall to the shoreline, and in some cases beyond it.

Districts of the Haedensturm

Coinswitchers Row
The main shop district of the Fisher’s Way, Coinswitchers Row, as the name implies, is a district in which many a coin find themselves new owners in exchange for goods and services. Due to the large number of people who find themselves in the area, the district also contains the majority of the Haedensturms taphouses and inns.
Some well-known locations are:

  • The Wild Bard Jewelry Shoppe

Crafters Ridge
Located at one of the cities higher points overlooking the sea, the Ridge is where things are both made and unmade in the most professional of ways. Due to its distance form the sea, the district serves as an oppurtune location for crafters who feel that the introduction of seawater into their work would be naught but a detriment.
A few well-respected store names are:

  • Armored Toad Weapons
  • The Pine Reaper Woodworking
  • The Silver Chimera Instrument Crafters

The Holy Crescent
So called due to the form of the district, which it receives due to the fact that in follows the inside on the Sturmwall from end to end, the Holy Crescent is the place to be if one has their mind set upon prayer, holy services or clerical supplies. While the district contains a vast selection of minor shrines, vestment suppliers and charitable establishments aimed towards wayward souls, its landmarks are the four great temples between which the district has formed. These temples, each one dedicated to the worship of a member of the Primordial Quad, are known by the following names:

  • The House of Chimes
  • The Crucible
  • The Eternal Garden
  • The Lazulit Cathedral

Scholars Rest
The most studious inhabitants of Fisher’s Way are located here, where secrets are held behind lock and key, and all the knowledge in the known world is available for the right price. Mysterious tones aside, the district contains all the cities purveyors of arcane and alchemical wares, both theoretical and tangible. It also serves as host to one of the cities most respected libraries, if one does not count those belonging to members of the Council of Paruns.
Locations of interest to those who feel that no mysteries should remain in the world include the following:

  • Ilun’s Arcana
  • The Boiled Ettin Alchemist
  • Thinking Advisor Writings
    • A local bookshop and library that has garnered quite the reputation for being open to the general public

Located in the center of the city, Tradewatch is the terminus for nearly all mercantile endeavours in the vicinity of Fisher’s Way. Consisting of two huge open squares covered in stalls, carts and industrious merchants, the district is the place to be if one is in the market for anything not normally found within the vicinity of the Haedensturm. Due to the seasonal nature of the wares on display, along with the vast amounts of visitors from dawn till dusk, it is also a favored area for travelling minstrel troupes to perform while they wait for the local taphouses to swing open their doors. The district also contains the local branch of the River Bank, one of the oldest such locations on the entire continent. The main locations of interest are known as follows:

  • Acquisition Square, where goods and services are given in exchange only for things hard, minted and gleaming
  • Traders Square, where the exchange of goods and services for all things excepting coinage takes place
  • The River Bank, Haedensturm branch

The Martial Twins
So named due to the majority of its grounds coming in the form of two large hills on the northern side of the Haedensturm, the Twins are the home of those of the combat-focused persuasion within the city limits. While the larger of the twins, and the small fort upon it, serves as the headquarters of the Guardians, the local police and militia, the smaller of the two in more peculiar. The tinier twin plays host to the hall of the Quarry Lodge, a guild dedicated to the hunt, and occasional capture, of dangerous beasts. The guild, like the River Bank, is spread over several branches located in various cities on the continent. In addition to these major landmarks, the district also contains a number of the Guardians barracks.
Points of interest include:

  • The Haedfort, headquarter of the Guardians
  • The Quarry Lodge guildhall
  • The Pugilist Arms
    • One of the few taverns within the city through which one can qualify for the Northern Calamity, as well as the only one operated by a Yeti in the city

The Exalted Depths
The most exclusive district of all, most of what was once known as the Exalted Shelf sunk beneath the waves during the event known as The Shoal. Nonetheless, the splendid architecture still on dry land demands outrageous prices from those who would inhabit it. The partially sunken buildings, including the Palace of Thrasios, are the property of the five families, the leaders of which form the Council of Paruns. The district is also the most well guarded, with the exception of the Martial Twins, and loiterers are removed with a great deal of haste.

Surfshard Harbor
The great harbor of Fisher’s Way largely consists on a large shard of land which stretches outward from the city, eventually sinking beneath the waves. The so called shard was once part of the now broken bridge which once led to the Sunken City. Now it mostly serves as an anchor point for the local fishing boats, along with any mercantile ships that dare sail beyond the cove. Some businesses that still retain their clientele include:

  • Wodurn fishery
  • The Waytrawl fishery
  • The Daggeryard

Famed Hill
Located outside the northern part of the Sturmwall, encircled by a wall of its own, Famed Hill is where the rich and prosperous inevitably end up. Functioning as the cities necropolis, the district plays host to mausoleums and ornate headstones for those who can afford it. A place to pay respects, or simply pay for a burial.

The Iudex
The districts main purpose is the hosting of the Monolith, the main courthouse of Fisher’s Way. While said location takes up most of the district, there is also a sparse collection of legal firms surrounding it, like vultures expecting a corpse.

The Haedensturm

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