Shanties Town

Spreading outward from Sturmwall which encircles the Haedensturm, Shanties Town is where most of the commerce and blood in Fisher’s Way flows through. A place of many cultures, it is here that all manner of merchants, mercenaries and assorted minstrels pass through on their journeys, some heading through the Sturmwall, others out into wilder places.

The area contains some of the cities crafters and taverns, but the majority still claim their stake within the confines of the Haedensturm.

Points of interest:

  • Taverns, inns & alehouses
    • “The Speared Stout”, a local inn known for its good food and occasional brawl. Operated by “Joz” Jozithri, a Skarra.
    • “The Winter Wind”, the premier tavern with regards to finer spirits in Shanties Town, along with being a prime location to broker information. The taphouse even sees visitors from inside the wall from time to time. Run by Gust, a local Kenku with a well deserved reputation.
    • “The Petrified Innkeep”, a location of ill repute with good oppurtunities for both gambling and being robbed of ones winnings.
  • Crafters
    • ’sharza Smithy, one of the local blacksmiths mainly operated by “Dylx” Dylaxsharza, a female Skarra with a focused disposition. Mainly deals in the forging of armor.
    • Split, Carve & Hammer, a local group of woodworkers who specialize in different areas, along with travelling where work needs doing. The only member currently not out on retainer is Split, a Kenku specializing in minute work and fine filigree. Also has somewhat of a penchant for rare metals and gems.
    • Crick’s Concoctions, a local alchemy shop, and sometimes emergency healing house, run by old lady Crick, one of the oldest residents of Shanties Town.
  • Assorted Services
    • Aljurox Goods, one of the most prominent stores with regards to general adventuring, or everyday, goods. While the shop has been in the same place since Shanties Town came into being, and has changed hands many times, it is currently owned by a local Skarra known as “Ol’ Rox” Aljurox
    • Wild Carvings, a butchery dealing in rare and seasonal meats, often from creatures that are considered perilous to hunt.

Shanties Town

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