The great continent of Coastfall is the only home known to most races, with the latest arrivals being the humans around 800 years ago. A place of many cultures, the continent is divided between four great alliances: the Wardens of the Woods, the Southern Sea Conference, the Bastion and the Ancients.


The Great Settlements of Coastfall, drawn by Ritshir the Trader, as commisioned by the Council of Alliances

  • Autonomous regions
    • Catherine’s Well

      Named after Catherine Sieghart, one of the humans who helped broker peace between the many races of Coastfall, the great cityscape of Catherine’s Well serves as the main trading point of the Coastfall continent, as well as the seat of the Council of Allies, to which most great racial alliances send two members to represent their interests, with the exception being the Ancients, who are permitted to send three.

    • Eilatra’s Labyrinth

      As the location of the College of Magi, the great fortress of Eilatra’s Labyrinth, as well and the surrounding island, is completely autonomous from the continent of Coastfall. Any aspiring wielder of magic may come to the island to prove themselves worthy of entrance, with most being sent to the fortress at a young age. Though the College tries to stay out of the business of the continent, the Council of Allies tend to listen closely to the advice of the Archmages, Magi of utmost skill in particular fields of magic, who make up the ruling body of the College. When magical assistance is required, the College normally sends a Magi with the level of skill required to the continent. The College does not normally permit Warlocks entry, as their magical ability is not innate like those of wizards and sorcerers., leading them to be taught by others of a similar disposition or the entity to which they have pledged their service.

  • Wardens of the Woods

    Elves & Mousefolk

    • Lorakain’s Niche

      The city of Lorakain’s Niche is the dominion and high seat of the Elves and Mousefolk, with both races serving as guardians of, and protectors from, the great northern forests. Together, the two races possess a strong alliance to each other through the Wardens of the Woods, an ancient order tasked with the exploration and preservation of the northern woods.

    • Libet’s Ring

      The town of Libet’s Ring, so named for the ringwall surrounding the city, which stands on the large Libet hill, is a trading town which serves as a less heavily guarded outpost for the elves and mousefolk, as well as a safe haven for any half-elf who wishes to make his or her way in life free of predjudice.

  • Southern Sea Conference

    Humans & Halflings

    • Tomen’s Seat

      Tomen’s Seat, named after Tomen the Explorer, the first human to set foot on Coastfall, is the largest human city on the continent. With the human population largely divided between Tomen’s Seat and Catherine’s Well, the city shares the maritime resources of the Serpent Crest Sea with the halflings of Jadon’s Parish and Caldove’s Promise. The two races together form the South Sea Conference.

    • Sobeth’s Post

      The Post is an ancient castle town, the population of which is heavily skewed in the favour of humans and halflings. Another large trading town, even if small compared to Catherine’s Well to the north, the Post is rumored to have a somewhat prolific black market, with Coastfall’s Thieves Guild known to have its headquarters somewhere within the city.

  • The Bastion

    Dwarves & Gnomes

    • Darstina’s Vale

      The Vale is the homeland of the dwarves of Coastfall, with all paths to the city within being obscured to all but those who have permission to enter. One passage to the city is known to be connected to the dwarven trading town of Brestine’s Stand. Through ties older than veins of the mountains, the dwarves and gnomes form the mercantile and scientific Bastion, also known as the Forge Alliance.

    • Doran’s Keep

      The largest gnomish city, the Keep sits high atop Mount Hevor, and is responsible for some of the greatest scientific progress the continent has seen for many centuries. It is also the site of the Wojin and Kregur monasteries, whose monks possess fierce but amiable rivalries with their counterparts.

  • The Ancients

    Dragonborn, Tieflings & Half-Orcs

    • Sandan’s Fort

      A great castle town, the Fort is the largest city in the possession of the races that call themselves the Ancients. Not much in known about the city, as predjudice and old wounds tend to keep the Ancients and the other alliances separated from each other regarding any subject besides trade and mercenary work, which is handled in the cities of Bonnet’s Spring and Corlove’s Hill.

    • Ravadove’s Pillars

      Many a brave adventurer has sought to brave the mountains, forests and ragged beaches of Coastfall for the promise of one day seeing Ravadove’s Pillars. Sprung up around seven massive natural pillars, each made from a different material, the holy city was founded by a dragonborn known as Ravadove the Wise, the pillars serve as a holy location for many of the races residing on Coastfall. With most faiths having a temple within the city it is not uncommon for clerics, or even paladins, to commit a pilgrimage southwards in order to deepen their experience. The local paladins also function as the city watch.


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