Calendar of Asherus

The calendar in use on the continent of Coastfall and, strangely enough, Aesira. Both these continents are located on the celestial body Asherus, which is orbited by the moon Ibil.

The Asheran year consists of 365 days divided into 8 months, 2 per seasonal cycle, all named after great beasts that are said to have once ruled the land, and now rule the constellations in the sky:

  • Winter
    • Paha, the yeti, containing 48 days
    • Ariel, the mammoth, containing 48 days
  • Spring
    • Kiriel, the griffin, containing 49 days
    • Gavriel, the treant, containing 49 days
  • Summer
    • Katib, the roc, containing 49 days
    • Zielach, the dragon, containing 49 days
  • Fall
    • Pyriel, the hydra, containing 49 days
    • Binur, the basilisk containing 24 days

A standard week contains 9 days, which are named after great heroes of ancient times:

  • Seriel
  • Rielel
  • Jeha
  • Illyrie
  • Gadriel
  • Zemwir
  • Sarael
  • Azan
  • Sekiel

Calendar of Asherus

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