Calendar of Asherus

The calendar in use in the empire of Coastfall and, strangely enough, Aesira. Both these nations are located on the celestial body of Asherus, which is orbited by the moon Ibil.

The Asherusian year consists of 365 days divided into 8 months, 2 per seasonal cycle, all named after great beasts that are said to have once ruled the land, and now rule the constellations in the sky:

  • Winter
    • Paha, the yeti, containing 48 days
    • Ariel, the mammoth, containing 48 days
  • Spring
    • Kiriel, the griffin, containing 49 days
    • Gavriel, the treant, containing 49 days
  • Summer
    • Katib, the roc, containing 49 days
    • Zielach, the dragon, containing 49 days
  • Fall
    • Pyriel, the hydra, containing 49 days
    • Binur, the basilisk containing 24 days

A standard week contains 9 days, which are named after the great professions of the ages:

  • Seriel, the Sailor
  • Rielel, the Raider
  • Jeha, the Cleric
  • Illyrie, the Merchant
  • Gadriel, the Guardian
  • Zemwir, the Seamstress
  • Sarael, the Saint
  • Azan, the Artisan
  • Sekiel, the Savior

The calendar also observes a number of special occasions throughout the year, many of which are of a religious nature, of which a selection follows below:

  • Thawrise
    • When: 24th of Ariel
    • Celebration: Thanks is given to Tymora in the form of a coin placed face-up at the steps of her nearest temple, in exchange for the good fortune that lasted throughout the winter. In addition, it is customary to leave the last bit of winter rations in the wilds as a tribute to Auril, to keep the winter at bay during the coming year
  • Dawnbirth
    • When: 33rd of Kiriel
    • Celebration: Also known as the Lathandian Equinox, Dawnbirth is the time of year that the length of the day equals that of the night, with the dawn slowly triumphing over the dusk. It is a time of raucous celebration complete with all the specialties of the season, so as to celebrate the rebirth of spring and the return of Lathander’s light into the world
  • Lunein
    • When: 1st full moon of Katib
    • Celebration: Lunein, or the Moonharvest, is a festival dedicated to the goddess Chauntea, and the bountiful harvests she provides. One sample of each crop grown is placed into the wild, symbolizing the close bond between the goddess of agriculture and Silvanus, god of wild nature. Apart from this ceremony, it is known as a time of great bounty, celebrating the best in food and drink that the harvests have provided
  • Duskfall
    • When: 19th of Pyriel
    • Celebration: Duskfall, known by scholars as the Kelemvoran Equinox, is the antithesis of Dawnbirth. It is the day when night starts to overtake day, bringing with it the snows of winter. Dedicated to the god of the dead, Kelemvor, it is a time of remebrance and thankfulness. Many people visit the burial sites of those they have lost, while others see it as a time to knit closer bonds for the future. In the end, no matter how one chooses to celebrate the day, Kelemvor will shepherd us all
  • Caerven
    • When: The final week of Binur
    • Celebration: Known by several local names, Caerven occurs during the final week before the official beginning of winter. Unlike other, more celebratory holidays, Caerven is a time of frantic work in addition to companionship. During the week, every man and woman is given leave from their responsibilities so that they can assist their family in preparing for the coming winter. Traditionally, not even wars may be fought during Caerven, with extremely harsh winters having followed every such instance. Being a time of mutual reliance and sacrifice, it is the holy day of Torm, with his Equilibrists making sure that everyone does their part.

Calendar of Asherus

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