Beyond the horizon

On the path of destruction
From chaotic to catatonic

On the morning of the 30th of Kiriel, we return to Aesira to find our heroes rested after their nightly altercation with a large owlbear. Deciding that hunkering down in the forest would not get them anywhere, the party started to make their way toward Karadel’s tower.

After about half their intended journey, they came upon a strange sight. A swath of destruction had seemingly been torn through the forest, with one of the path leading in the direction of the tower, and the other heading further southwest in the other direction. Near the path of devastation, the band found what appeared to have once been an ogre. That is, before it had been seemingly smashed to pieces. Deciding not to linger and wait for what might have been the cause of such calamity, our heroes kept on their course towards the tower.

Arriving in the late afternoon, they were treated to striking scene. The tower, once resembling a kind of obsidian, branching spire had now taken on the visage of an enormous, pitch-black tree with a canopy wreathed in bloodred leaves. One could be forgiven for thinking said leaves contained an illusion of faces upon their form. The clearing in which the tower stood had also expanded, seemingly to accomodate its increased mass, but had seemingly had the life seep from its earth, leaving little behind.

The tower was, however, only the center of a gruesome scene. The ringwall which surrounded the tower had been smashed apart, seemingly following the same path of wreckage upon which the party had stumbled earlier. Solitary remnants of goblins and ogres were found, along with a tree which for some reason appeared to have been chopped down fervently.

Approaching the ringwall, the party was treated to quite the shock as Kulaf’s voice could be heard within their heads, upon which he sprang from within the wreckage of the wall and set upon the party. The party engaged their foe, with Mattimeo freeing the bugbear in place in order for Krov to deal out some well deserved vengeance. As Kulaf strangely asked the dragonborn for aid, Krov dealt him the final blow, seemingly felling the large adversary.

Their celebration was cut short when, out of KUlaf’s head, emerged a creature with the appearance of a much too large brain, but with four reptilian legs. Once again lunging into the fray, the strange creature managed to overwhelm Krov’s mind, rendering him unresponsive, before being dealt the final blow by Pelaios. Looting the body of the bugbear, the party found a note upon his person instructing him to eliminate a person by the name of Crowley, due to them having knowledge of the inner workings of the tower.

Heading back towards Fisher’s Way amidst the sounds of creaking branches and wrathful bellows from the west, the party transported Krov to the house of Old lady Crick, with a brief pause to purchase some tea from Gix, a travelling kobold merchant.

Arriving at the old healer, she asserted Krov’s condition to be beyond her abilities, directing the party towards the Holy Crescent, the temple district of the Haedensturm, and instructed them to seek out a priest named Oro, an acquaintance of Ufah Stonesworn. The following morning, the party sought out the goliath Oro, the high priest, or Incandescent, of the Crucible, a great stone temple dedicated to the worship of Kossuth. After making a generous donation to the temple, Krov was restored to him former, slightly more intelligent self.

Heading back to The Speared Stout, the group informed Joz as to the fate of Kulaf, receiving a familiar letter in return, similar to the one they had previously been sent by Rast. All the while, Mattimeo was outside the building summoning Popcorn, his very own new owl familiar, of which no one took notice upon his return.

Making their way to The Petrified Innkeep as per the letters instruction, the party arrived to find Rast seemingly sitting at a table, having prepared a drink for our heroes in order to celebrate a job well done, all in the mysterious absence of the bartender. Drinking heartily from their tankards, all but one of the party found themselves incapable of movement, with Durkax being hoisted into the air through arcane means instead. Letting his disguise drop, Karadel the Vile sat before the band. He proceeded to warn them that they should stay out of his way, as great and terrible things were coming, and he would not be interrupted in his work.

He also made a point of telling the party that this was their final warning, and it was only extended to them, despite their slaying of his lieutenant, due to the help they had given Gehrman. Feeling that he had indeed made his point, he vanished in a cloud of smoke and brimstone, dropping Durkax to the floor and leaving the party perplexed and, in most cases, paralyzed.

That is were we leave our heroes, on the 32nd of Kiriel, Beyond the horizon.

Retreating to civilization
Exploring the Haedensturm

On the 27th of Kiriel, we find our heroes bloodied and distraught, standing in the forest of Lînn Woeld. Having had their Bag of Holding taken by Kulaf, Karadel’s lieutenant, in an ambush gone awry, the party decided that they needed to regroup, and headed for Ufah’s farm. Arriving at the house, the Goliath and his relatives did not appear to be present, and so the band decided to head back to Fisher’s Way.

Heading into Shanties Town from the northeast, the players bumped into an unexpected acquaintance en route. Karadel the Vile himself, having recently acquired a fresh corpse, recognized Pelaios as someone who had suffered on his account. As recompense, he gave the bard a bloodred gold piece, as recompense for any injury he may have been caused, and bid the party farewell as he vanished in a flash of smoke and brimstone.

Heading to The Speared Stout, Krov informed Joz as to their difficulties while Durkax made conversation with Sheate and Split, a pair of Kenku patrons. Trading Sheate a glass of ale for some information regarding the local crafts, the Kenku gave mention to two other sources of information besides himself in town: Gust, familiar to the players, and a figure known only by the name of Crowley.

The next day, the party was asked by Joz for a favor, in exchange for a reduction of their by now quite expansive tab. The favor involved heading into the Haedensturm, towards a blacksmiths known as The Armored Toad, in order to acquire some raw materials for his niece Dylx’s endeavours.

Heading into the city, the party were briefly searched and questioned at one of the Sturmwall gates before entering the temple district, at which point Durkax seized a local priest of Kossuth in order to ask for directions. Making their way to their destination, the party had a brief conversation with Clang, the Kenku owner, befor being given some free time while the shipment was connected by Jade, a large blackfurred Tabaxi.

Krov remained at the forge while Mattimeo went to find a local alchemist. Meanwhile, Durkax and Pelaios headed out in search of a map of the city. Mattimeo managed to find an establishment named The Boiled Ettin, an alchemy shop staffed seemingly by a single person,;Old Lady Crick, in the midst of some commissioned draught.
Elsewhere, Pelaios was informed by one of the librarians at The Thinking Advisor Writings that he could either rent one of their maps, or bring a scribe or cartographer of his own in order to make a copy. At the same time, Durkax was caught trying to carve some sort of arcane circle into one of the bookshelves, and the duo were swiftly asked to leave.

After their time of leisure, the party delivered the shipment to Dylx, had a spot of lunch, and made some conversation with the newly arrived Clizdis Wilddelver. who mentioned that the war camps within the forest had seemingly disappeared.

Wishing to investigate, in addition to giving Kulaf the payback he so richly deserved, the party headed for the edge of Lînn Woeld to watch for any goblinoid activity. After spending the better part of two days at the edge of a farmers field with the rain pouring on their heads, the band decided to head deeper into the woods.

During the first watch in the night, their campsite was visited by an inquisitive owlbear which seemed interested in their campfire. Combat was had with the large beast, with Pelaios gaining the killing blow and granting the party their first taste of victory in quite a while. Bloodied in the woods, but this time with the lingering smell of victory around them, is where we leave our heroes during the night of the 29th of Kiriel, Beyond the horizon.

Kulaf's gambit
An ambush in two parts

In the middle of the night, on the 26th of Kiriel, we return to Aesira to find our heroes fleeing for their lives. Having escaped the clutches of Kulaf only moments ago, the party makes their way into the forest in order to avoid their would-be captors.

After muddling their trail, the band managed to throw the interceptors of their trail, meeting up with Captain Jiro and his recently released companion, Crom the giant eagle. They conversed with the captain about their current state of affairs. Jiro told the party that Crom would need about a week of rest once they got back to Fisher’s Way, during which he would do his best to secure a ship with which they could come to the aid of Tethys, whom he believed was still being held in the same location that he himself had been, below the waters of Dirk’s Cove. After being told to finish up whatever business they had gotten themselves involved with since arriving, the Captain bid them farewell and took to the skies with Crom.

Wanting to put some distance between themselves and the war camp, the party decided to journey somewhat further south, coming upon a small campfire, a dead owlbear and a peculiar pair of creatures. One part of the duo introduced herself as Clizdis Wilddelver,a kobold hunter whom the player had occasionally caught a glance of at The Speared Stout, with the other half of the pair being a strangely draconic hound-like being she called Beinod. After exchanging some pleasantries, she offered the players the companionship of the pair if they intended to make their way back to town. Politely declining her offer, she wished the party good luck in whatever business they had that had infuriated Kulaf to such a degree, and went on her way with the edible parts of the owlbear in tow.

Making camp a short distance away from where the campfire had been burning, the night went by rather uneventfully for the party. In the morning, however, they were surprised to see two goblins seemingly glaring at them from behind the cover of some large trees. Investigating their visitors carefully, it appeared that the goblins had had their lifeless heads pinned to the trees by way of some unusually fletched arrows.

Deciding to set up an ambush for any possible pursuers, the party ventured northward, back towards the war camp. Setting up a large pit at what appeared to be a natural chokepoint, the band noticed the approach of two ogres along with a large, armored form.
Springing their ambush, the party leapt into the fray at combat ensued.

The battle seemed to go in the parties favor. Then, from the left flank, appeared quite the complication. Kulaf sprang forth from his hiding place, shortly followed by the seemingly resurrected Bogin Redcap, and fell upon our heroes. Making his way straight towards Krov, Kulaf wrestled him to the ground and, after a few failed attempts, wrenched the Bag of Holding from his grasp.

As their foes made their escape, seemingly acquiring what they came for after downing Pelaios one last time as a fearsome statement of strength, Mattimeo attempted to sunder the Bag of Holding, risking the dispersal of its content into the Astral Sea in order to keep it from their enemies. Alas, the attempt was valiant but ultimately fruitless, as the magic receptacle held firm while Kulaf and his band made their way into the forest.

Robbed, bloodied and with no good karma in sight is where we will find our heroes next time, on the 27th of Kiriel, Beyond the horizon.

Assault on Camp Kulaf
Lost, like spears in the rain

On the 26th of Kiriel, we return to our heroes as they make their way toward the large war camp which had been marked on the map they had received from Rast. Following an old game trail, the party was however accosted by a strange creature, goblinoid in appearance, but wearing a bloodred cap along with a pair of heavy iron boots which had seemingly been fused to its legs. The creature, later identified as Bogin Redcap, charged the band with great fury, dropping Mattimeo with an ironbound kick.

During the ensuing battle, the creature demanded that the party return what they had stolen. This tirade did not last long, and our heroes were swiftly victorious. With its final breaths, the creature rasped at the party that they would find them. Gasping its last breath, the iron boots no longer appeared fused to its legs, and the bloodred colour slowly drained from its cap, leaving it a sullen shade of grey.

After this rather unsettling intermission, the band made their way toward the war camp. Arriving at a natural basin surrounded by a steep cliff, with rainfall having overtaken the skies and moving towards becoming a truly torrential downpour, the party spied the camp within the basin itself. Formulating a cunning plan, an unseen servant was tasked with carrying vials of sodium acquired earlier, so as to perform the medieval equivalent of a bombing run upon the camps population of goblins, ogres and worgs.

Once the servant had dropped its load into the face of a patrolling goblin and its canine companion, the party was discovered, horns were blown by the camps inhabitants, and battle ensued.

Our heroes fought bravely, but were pulled into a trap by the occupants of the camp. Once the majority of the band were within reach, one of the camps ogres reached for two large hidden chains. Pulling these taught, a concealed palisade similar to those protecting the points were the cliff no longer provided the camp cover was pulled from the ground, trapping the players inside the camp. During this process, bolts also begun firing from an unknown location towards the covered cage in the rear of the camp.

Once the party had fallen for the trap, their situation did not improve. Exiting the largest tent in the camp, Kulaf the bugbear joined the fray with a great leap, bringing his wrath upon Krov and nearly downing the dragonborn in an instant. The battle continued further, with worgs and ogres dying left and right, Pelaios being knocked unconscious but recovering swiftly, and Krov driven near the brink of his own consciousness twice more.

Then, finally, a distraction! A final bolt rang against the lock holding the cage at the rear of the camp closed. The lock shattered, unleashing a giant eagle, and a familiar gnomish voice ringing out and telling our merry band to get the hell out of their current situation. While the pleyers attempted to fight of their foes long enough to make their escape, Captain Jiro burst into the camp, carried by his companion Crom, the giant eagle. Using a small crossbow in an attempt to give the party some room, the window created allowed Mattimeo to wither the palisade through necromancy.

Once the palisade had been disabled, Kulaf was restrained by Durkax, lest he impede their escape. During this time, seemingly impossinly quickly, reinforcements approached the camp. Nonetheless, the party managed to outrun these new foes and made their way into the woods, chased by the angry roars of the restrained Kulaf.

Fleeing for their lives, with their enemies nipping at their heels, is where we find our heroes in the evening of the 26th of Kiriel. What manner of fate wil befall them the next time we join them, Beyond the horizon?

Guerilla warfare
Some minds think alike

Having received a strange message demanding their attendance at the Petrified Innkeep, Krov and Mattimeo, the latter in disguise, headed for the location on the 24th of Kiriel. Unbeknownst to them, Durkax had made an attempt to escape his and Pelaios’ hostage-like situation. An attempt which ended with him bound considerably tighter than before.

On their way to the tavern, the Dragonborn and Mousefolk duo noticed a great influx of travelers of both mercantile and mercenary varieties, and were informed that the coming morning was the Opening Dawn, a time when the Council of Paruns were officially out of session, and the gates to the Haedensturm would once again open to the world.

Arriving at the Petrified Innkeep, located in one of the more run-down parts of Shanties Town, in addition to running into one Ufah Stonesworn, satisfied with his procurement of a pair of gloves since their last meeting, the duo had a somewhat strange meeting. The sender of the message turned out to be a Bugbear named Rast, who proposed a way to deal with a mutual problem as the price for the safe return of their companions. The problem in question being Kulaf who, with the help of Karadel, had apparently ousted Rast from the leadership of his clan, replacing him with Kulaf. Rast proposed that if the party were to take care of Kulaf, he would retake the leadership of his clan, remove them from the area, and leave Karadel without a sizeable force protecting his tower. Betrayal would result in the party being ratted out to Karadel, and left to face his wrath.

Agreeing to the proposition, the duo was given a map with four locations marked: an abandoned farm where the rest of the party were held, two scout camps and a sizeable war camp, with all but the farm being manned by those loyal to Kulaf.
Making their way north towards the farm, the duo freed Durkax, Pelaios and Jiro Cognit from their bindings. Captain Jiro revealed that he, along with Tethys, had been held by the race known as Sahuagin, and had been forced to trade information in exchange for being provided oxygen while underwater.

Getting back to Shanties Town, the party had a few encounters, with Pelaios making the acquaintance of the Tabaxi minstrel Dust, Mattimeo trading a bit of wine to Gust the bartender, and Captain Jiro getting drunk as a skunk.

The following morning, Captain Jiro set out on his own to find his pet eagle Crom, after which he would attempt to secure a ship with which the band could make their way to the island were the Captain and Tethys had been held. Meanwhile, our heroes hit one of the scout camp, and despite an ogre-sized complication, they hit it hard.

During the night, however, some of those on watch could have sworn that they saw movement in the darkness. This was all but confirmed the following morning, when they were greeted with the phrase “You will have to do better than that. See you soon.” having been written in the dirt of the raided camp.

Steeling themselves for further challenges, and knowing that they have probably been discovered, the party makes haste south-east. On the 26th of Kiriel, intent on hitting the larger war camp with all their might, is where we find our heroes, Beyond the horizon.

Surface tension
Fencing, fighting and fleeing for your life

We return to our heroes moments after having entered the starnge dark portal leading them to a place known as the Master Artisan’s Tavern. Searching the location for clues, the party discovered a collection of bookshelves, each focused on a particular subject and seemingly connected to the mysterious Cern Journal. A thorough evaluation was also made with regards to the drinkable liquor in the vicinity, resulting in 5 bottles of old, fine vintage along with, after an egregious amount of property destruction, a bottle of Tiefling liquor known as “Rivaka”.

Finding two other portals in the area, the band made their way through the one they assumed to be right, leading them underwater, as the other end of the portal was located on a piece of masonry which had become disconnected from the towers some time ago. Here the players could spot a contingent of the shark-like race, the members of which called themselves Sahuagin, along with a huge, four-armed specimen of said race, making their way toward the distant tower.

Pulling themslves back to dry stone, the party made their way through the opposite portal, arriving at the scene of quite a bloodbath. Searching the area, which semmed to at one point have been a place of fencing before being covered in blood, guts and an inordinate amount of metal, the players came upon a sole mechanical construct. The machina, wielding a rapier and being in a bad shape itself, refused the party further passage until it could be bested in single combat. The task was taken up by Krov, who made quick work of the lithe automaton. Two larger constructs then heaved open a great set of metal doors, allowing the band to pass unimpeded.

Moving through the resulting hallway, the party discovered what at some point in time may have been a locker room and adjacent steam room, while also keeping an eye on the spectre looming above, visible through the trancelucent ceiling of the bridging corridor.

Entering another great set of doors, and making their way into the Spire of the Ghostshield, our heroes found themselves facing an enormous sandpit, littered with metal and bones of battles long past. In the corners of the room sttod podiums supporting large crystals, with arcane energy playing across their forms. Each podium contained a simply lever, and holding one of these was a charred, human skeleton.

The parties exploration was however swiftly halted by two Sahuagin, accompanied by the large, multi-armed specimen the player had seen earlier. Activating the the fourth level, it caused each podium to become connected by an electrical barrier not unlike the one which sealed of the spires in the first place. Informing the band that they either had the choice of dying by fighting the Sahuagin, or by drowning if they were to pull a lever to deactivate the barrier. which would cause all barriers in the vicinity to drop as well, battle commenced.

During combat, the larger Sahuagin, later identifying itself as Baron Ronami, was revealed to be in possession of a living shield known to the players. Wielding Captain Jiro Cognit in an attempt to infer doubt into the minds of its opponents, along with using a discarded golem as a weapon once its trident had been thrown, the Baron proved to be a powerful foe indeed.

However, after havin lost his two allies, the Baron seemingly decided that enough was indeed enough, throwing his living shield at the party as a distraction before deactivating the barrier personally. This caused the barriers surrounding the spires to lose their form. Including the one which seemingly kept the spectre at bay.

Crashing down like a thunderblot, striking along the side of the spire, the spectre entered the discarded golel, which was later identified as a Shield Guardian, with the Baron slipping away during the confusion. Healing the band enough for them to make their escape, the Shield Guardian made its way up through the tower, with the party following on its heels.

Through many a perilous situation our heroes prevailed, with the help of the newly conscious construct. Their combined skills, however, could not forestall the working of the ocean, and our heroes were eventually swept away by the flood. The construct used its strength to aid Krov and Mattimeo against the currents, while Durkax, Pelaios and Captain Cognit were seemingly lost to the depths.

Waking up in the company of the Shield Guardian, Krov and Mattimeo attempted to communicate with the automaton in order to understand what events had transpired. The construct pointed to itself, and wrote a singular word in the sand: “Gehrman”, before heading northwards. The duo collected themselves and headed for Fisher’s Way, visible in the distance.

In a different place in space and time, Durkax and Pelaios awoke to find themselves in a dark chamber, bound and gagged. They were soon in the company of a figure they vaguely recognized, the bugbear which had sedated Kulaf a few days prior. The figure sat down on a chair in front of them, and simply mused on the ways it could make use of these fresh bargaining chips.

Arriving at The Speared Stout, Krov and Mattimeo received a note from Joz which had been delivered by unsavory elements one day prior. The note, written in a very rough hand, simply read: “The Petrified Innkeep, three days, or they die”.

Informed by the inkeep that they had been gone for a total of five days, our heroes find themselves nearly drowned, scattered and commanded by an unknown party. Here we leave Aesira, on the 22nd of Kiriel, Beyond the horizon.

Incursion from the depths
The musical episode

At dawn, on the 18th of Kiriel, we find our heroes resting upon one of the warded bridges connecting the discovered spires. Having investigated the items they had found earlier during this time of rest, Mattimeo ripped a patch from the robe of Vehemaia the Patcher, which changed itself into the form of a Bag of Holding, giving the band an easy way to store their assorted accoutraments.

Moving on, the party followed the bridge to another set of grand doors, these inlaid with scenes of archery and hunting, above which hung a plaque which read: “Spire of the Flusher”. With Krov using his newfound mighty strength to heave apart, and partially break down, the swollen doors, the band found themselves in what appeared to be an old trophy room. Svouting the dark room, the group found themselves among between a number of terryfying beasts including a Dire Wolf, an Owlbear and the mounted skull of what appeared to be an adult dragon. The group also found an adjacent, caved in kennel of some sort, upon the doors of which, one the side leading to the trophy hall, were the words “Feel the bite of fear”.

After some brilliant investigative work, including Durkax experiencing the feeling of being on the other end of a Direwolf attack due to a certain hallucinogen, the group managed to spring open the dragon maw through a series of hidden levers. Venturing inside, they found what looked like a small private study containing a table, what may at one point have been a chair, and a portrait covering one of the walls depicting Olkarn Cern and her black mastiff Rux. Within the study our heroes also found what appeared to be a small hunting journal signed by Olkarn and Odric the Terrarch, which would later be labeled “The Cern Journal” after Durkax attuned to the tome.

Moving down a level within the spire, the party found themslves in a large archery range containing many pieces of equipment, along with evidence of a close, competetive relationship between Olkarn and Delrith, a member of the Forlorn Few. Their trip through history was, however, interrupted by two harrowing discoveries: someone had used the chamber as a campsite, complete with bedrolls, and an armored figure stood gazing towards the party at the other end of the hall.

When the party attempted to investigate this seemingly unmoving figured, they triggered a tripwire alarm, which caused the armored target mannequin to fall to the ground with a tremendous clang. From the depths came creatures somewhere between shark and man, with scales nearly identical to those which covered the arm the party had found upon the Requiescat. Calling to arms, the party engaged these monstrous foes in heated battle, with two of them fleeing to the depths once the fight turned against them.

After recovering from the scuffle, which included Mattimeo removing another patch from the robe, acquiring an Immovable Rod for his trouble, the party made their way out of the tower through a semi-obstructed hallway. Finding themselves crossing the central platform which once connected all the towers to one another, they observed the Spectre hovering over the furthest tower, before making their way to the closest tower, whose doors where inlaid with bardic imagery.

Entering the Spire of the Slayer, a vast musical hall was discovered. With an assortment of stages, and with the tools of the art covering the walls, the heroes drew upon their inner performers.

Pelaios was the first one to mount one of the stages, performing an inspiring percussive cover of The Lay of Sir Savien, earning himself an incandescent rhytm pattern around hiw wrist. While this revealed a series of glowing steps leading up to the chandelier which dominated the ceiling, it also rendered him invisible and silenced to the others as long as he remained upon the stage.

Krov and Mattimeo took to another stage, performing an interesting interpretation of the famous play “Camlet”, with Krov’s very real fury earning him a glowing pattern much like Pelaios, with identical effects.

Durkax attempted to woo the room with his impressive singing voice. The latent magic, however, did not share his draconic tastes, rocketing him headfirst down a stairwell after two failed attempts. Mattimeo was the one who, in the end, claimed the minstrels pattern.

Durkax found his own luck through the base lute, which the latent magic deemed sufficient to grant him the lutists pattern.

Making their way up toward the chandelier from their respective stages, the party found themselves before a dark, aqueous cylinder. One by one, the band entered the cylinder, finding themselves transported through time and space, arriving in what could only be described as a scholars tavern.

Facing mysteries from both above and below, with the musical prospects looking mighty slim, in the middle of a strange, abandoned tavern. This is where our heroes find themselves, Beyond the horizon.

Back through time
Discovering the spires

When last we left our heroes, they had achieved their first great victory together in what remained of the old toll house, located at the end of the broken bridge connected to the Sunken City. After taking a short breather for the sake of planning, the party began following the strange map which they had looted from the corpse of the slain bugbear. To their surprised, the back of the map was inscribed with two phrases: “Book” and “The Accounting of the Shards”.

Making their way further along the abandoned bridges connecting the towers of old, they frequently noticed light shining in the distance at random intervals. As they ventured deeper into the city, they discovered its source: a humanoid bolt of lightning feverishly striking against some kind of dome-like barrier, to no avail. Following the scribbled map, they came upon the entrance to a large tower-like building, atop which was inscribed the phrase “Spire of the Deepvessel”. At this point, Mattimeo realized that the unseen servant he had summoned earlier had vanished from his side. The gateway which seemed to grant entrance into the tower itself was filled with a dark void, electric arcane energies playing across its form. Upon the stone which made up the gateway were inscribed dwarven runes, communicating a riddle to those who could read it.

After many blinding attempts at traversing the mysterious void, a draconic exclamation of “Lightning” caused it to dissipate, showing but a hallway and a staircase to our jolly band.

Entering into the spire proper, the party found themselves in what may once have been a large study, lined with bookcases and a large portrait depicting The First Four. One of the walls in the room consisted of a large window, through which the players could see another spire of similar size hidden beneath the waves. Investigating the room in detail, our heroes found an entrance to a hidden alcove, in which they found a chest, containing a set of jewelers tools, and a patch-covered robe which they believed may have once belonged to Vehemaia the Patcher.

While trying to open a large set of doors found opposite the study, Krov managed to cause a slight cracking of the wood, upon which water began to trickle through into the tower. Knowing that their time inside the tower had probably become somewhat limited, the party headed down a large flight of stairs into the spires depths.¨

Further down, the band came upon a very old, but still fairly fit alchemical lab containing notes signed by Gromg Deepvessel. Evidently, the tower had history in spades. The party investigated further, pushing open the door to what appeared to be a storeroom for alchemical reagents. Looking through as assortment of sacks and crates, our heroes came upon iron (which eventually fell through the bottom of the crate), sodium (that Mattimeo saved in a number of glass vials, basically inventing the shrapnel grenade), a tightly sealed box with draconic runes carved into the wood and, beneath it, a locked trapdoor.

Notsium Durkax eventually managed to solve the enigma of the sealed box, finding inside it an Alchemical Jug inscribed with dwarven runes, which he believed to be the eponymous Deepvessel. Using the Jug in order to produce acid, somewhat to his own dismay, Durkax managed to melt through the thick padlock which sealed the trapdoor, opening the road into even deeper reaches within the tower.

Heading down a long ladder chute, the heroes found themselves in a flooded arcane sanctum, containing an arcane circle carved into the stone floor, a two bookshelves lining opposite walls, three doors seemingly leading out of the tower, along with a large set of double doors leading back into the spire itself. These great doors, however, were frozen over with some sort of unmelting ice, upon which both swords and fire left nary a mark.

On a workbench near the center of the room, the party found an old leatherbound tome titled “The Accounting of the Shards”. From what little they could glean from the book without deciphering the earlier entries, it sounded like the ravings of a madman.

Upon removing the book from its resting place, a connection to the arcane circle was triggered, causing the three outgoing doors to freeze over like the double doors, after which the water itself took on a serpentine shape and pounced upon the players. After a harrowing fight dimly lit by a glowing workbench whose light bounced of the frozen doors and the eventually frozen head of the watery being, Mattimeo finished the elemental being by basically vaporizing it against the nearby wall through pure arcane force.

Investigating the bookshelves after the encounter, the heroes found each named with a different plaque: “Gehrman” and “Terteias”, respectively. Feeling that time was wasting, the party deactivated the freezing effect by smashing the arcane circle into gravel. As they soon came to realize, a small crack in a set of double doors connected to the ocean can build up to quite a bit of water over time. With the entire room flooding at an alarming rate, our heroes managed to flee out of one of the defrosted doors, finding safety from the flood beyond.

They found themslves staring out at the Sunken City beneath the waves, the bridge the sttod on seemingly shielded from the surrounding water. From their new marine vantage point, they could see not one, but three other towers connecting to their spire of origin through similar bridges, albeit some broken. Looming above the surface, directly above the furthest spire, sat the spectre without sound nor motion, seemingly still impeded by the mysterious barrier.

Trapped beneath the ocean surface, looking out over a drowned city and with a strange being looming overhead, is were our heroes find themselves, Beyond the horizon

Out of the woods
Journeying to the Sunken City

In the early hours of dawn, on the 16th of Kiriel, the party struck camp and resumed their attempt to navigate out of Lînn Woeld.

Making their way opposite the sun, their journey west caused them to enter an area composed almost entirely of bramble and thicket. In an attempt to surmount this obstacle, the band made their way further south, coming upon a large, strange sleeping creature somewhere between a bear and an owl. Despite not making their way forward in the stealthiest manner, the beast kept to its slumber, and the companions reached the edge of the forest, encountering a wide crop field smelling of rotting meat and eggs.

The assembly spotted a humanoid creature standing in the field toiling away with what appeared to be some sort of farm implement. Making their way toward the beckoning figure, they came upon the frame of Ufah Stonesworn, a goliath farmer wielding a large sledgehammer which he used to keep his fields free of rocks. The gentle giant invited the adventurers into his home for some tea, talking fondly to his crops on the way to his house. After a fine conversation including the origin of the smell being a Kenku-harvested substance called “sulfur”, the goliaths niece and nephew and a strange fascination with the concept of gloves, the host bid his guests farewell with a small prayer to the fire god Kossuth.

Later that evening, the party managed to make their way northwest into Fisher’s Way, specifically to the local tavern The Speared Stout. Having an evening meal with their employer “Joz”, the evening flowed into night uneventfully.

The following morning, however, was anything but.
Awoken by what sounded like the entire tavern being torn down one chair at a time, the party came upon a frankly enormous bugbear named Kulaf, who appeared to be interrogating Joz regarding intruders spotted near Karadel’s tower, flanked by two normal-sized bugbear guards.

Keeeping silent, the angry goblinoid turned to the party, inquiring furiously about their origins. Upon the mention that they had come on an expedition from a land called Coastfall, the creature seemingly snapped, letting out a ferocious roar before grabbing the head of one of his own men, and crushing it like a grape against the closest wall. The second bugbear lept upon Kulaf, injecting him with a strange substance which rendered him unconscious. Apologizing slightly, the bugbear then poceeded to drag both Kulaf and its now dead companion out of the tavern by the ankles.

After this unsettling turn of events, Gust appeared looking rather roughed up himself. Evidentally, Joz had not been the first stop on Kulaf’s list.

Deciding to investigate the information they had attained regarding goblin incursions into an old offshore area of Fisher’s way called the Sunken City, the party walked around the city wall in order to make their way unto the broken bridge. Through trial, many an error and the help of Mattimeo’s unseen servant, the band made their way to the other side of the bridges vast breaking point.

Now on the other side of the bridge, our heroes could spot ramshackle rowboats on the edge of the city, which is currently the highest spires which once soared high from the sunken island below the water. Making their way toward the rumored toll office near the end of the bridge, the players were confronted by another bugbear.

This time, however, something seemed very off. The shape shambled towards them, small electrical sparks playing across its form. Suddenly, the body tensed up, shook viciously, and fell to the ground in a crispy state. Standing where the body had just stood was a vaguely humanoid shape seemingly made out of pure lightning. After attempts to communicate had failed, the shape surged with power, striking the ground before the party before dissipating into thin air. Left behind was a message in primoridal: “The way out in inside. Help.”

Making their way to the tollhouse, the more perceptive members of the group noticed that the lock on the door had been smashed open, and the inside showed definite signs of disturbance. From a nearby table, a bugbear wielding a huge DIY’d morningstar pounced upon the players, along with four goblins who had hidden about the building. After a gruesome battle, which included Notsium turning into a FREAKING DIREWOLF and literally biting the face of the previously mentioned bugbear and eating one of the goblins(!), the party did not manage to keep their presence entirely unnoticed, with one goblin escaping into the night.

As darkness stared to fall, our heroes looted a map from the slain bugbear. The map itself, seemingly a handdrawn illustration of the immediate area, had only two markings upon it. One showed the way to the tollhouse in which they were currently standing. The other, located deeper within the city, was simply marked with single word. “Workshop”.

At this moment, surrounded by the smell of blood, guts and victory, the adventure continues.

Landing of the Requiescat
Arriving on Aesira

The vessel Requiescat, though somewhat divided, struck land upon the coast of Aesira, the lost continent that has been silent since the arrival of The Forlorn Few .

Awakening on the damaged ship with aching heads and in full gear, the party knew not the circumstances of their arrival. Investigating the scene they found signs of a scuffle, a severed monstrous arm covered in fishlike scales, but no signs of their four companions Ristvek, Nomrock, Tethys and Captain Jiro. Also, the Requiescat appeared to have been torn in half.

Making their way along the coast in the rain with the dark approaching, the band found themselves in the outer part of Fisher’s Way known as Shanties Town. Entering a local tap house called The Speared Stout the companions came to witness strange happenings indeed. No races known to them were present, and in their place the players came to know the lizardlike Skarra, the crowlike Kenku and the merpeople known as the Triton, along with a hooded figure sitting near the stage.
A scuffle was underway between an elderly Skarra called “Ol’ Rox” and another unnamed Skarra. Ending badly for the unnamed party, the tension rose to a new degree as a sinister figure known as Karadel the Vile entered the tavern, had his goblinoid minions collect the body, and payed the barkeep in bloodred gold pieces.

The following morning the barkeep, known by the name of “Joz”, hired the party to remedy his arrangement with this Karadel. The party visited two others in the town who had similar arrangements with the figure: Crick the healer and Gust, the proprietor of another local tavern named The Winter Wind.

While Crick seemed a kind old woman who did not mind her arrangement with Karadel, Gust mentioned that goblins have been seen entering the Sunken City, an abandoned part of Fisher’s Way, frequently in exchange for some information about the party. The band also got wind of a spectre of lightning killing people who venture there, as told by Split, the local woodworker.

The party set out toward Karadel’s tower, which was said to be growing larger in the forest of Lînn Woeld, following the tracks made by the cart used to transport the body until they vanished. When the peak of the tree-like tower was within view, the party crossed the path of a goblin scout group. After dispatching the lesser opponent, the lead goblin was interrogated for information concerning his master. He mentioned that his master takes the bodies into the depths of the tower, after which they are no longer seen. The goblin subsequently perished from its wounds, leaving a stench of blood in the air. A beastly sound, something between a bear and an owl, could be heard throughout the forest and the party decided against sticking around.

Making their way forth, our heroes came upon a clearing, in the middle of which stood the tower, seemingly fashioned in the form of a great obsidian tree. Encircling the tower was a makeshift wooden ringwall, some 20 feet, upon which stood goblin sentries. Unfortunately, when trying to gain entry the party revealed their presence, leading to the sounding of alarms and the hauling of asses in another direction.

The party, while able to give their would be captors the slip, now find themselves in Lînn Woeld without knowing the way out. Unable to make use of the sun as the dark approaches, they set up camp and divide the watch shifts. At dawn, on the 16th of Kiriel, the adventure continues.


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