Vehemaia the Patcher

Gnomish engineer, part of the lost expedition


A gnome in his older years, white of hair and beard, with a scar from an industrial accident running across his right eye. His title is a double reference, both to the fact that he was the member of The Forlorn Few tasked with the maintenance and repair of the equipment, and to robe he commonly wore, covered in a great assortment of patches fashioned in the image of anything from ladders to hounds.


The oldest member of the expedition that would become known as The Forlorn Few, Vehemaia hailed from Doran’s Keep, the largest gnomish city and engineering capital of Coastfall. Showing promise in the art of tinkering from an early age, the gnome would spend the better part of his life perfecting the art of constructing and maintaining contructions, both mechanical and magic.

When the second expedition to the continent of Aesira was announced, they were looking for someone with such knowledge to possibly create a more permenent outpost in the lost lands. Being one of the most renowned scholars on the subject, Vehemaia was sent as one of the representatives of The Bastion, the alliance between dwarves and gnomes.

Vehemaia the Patcher

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