Terteias the Vanisher

Half-elf arcanist, member of the lost expedition


A fairly young half-elf, balck of hair and clean shaven, clad in fine clothes for a travelling man, with the exception of a tattered reddish cloak which he wore at all times, even keeping it underneath heavier cloaks in times of bad weather. Known to be a pensive and thoughtful man.


A mostly unknown man before his involvement wit the expedition which would become known as Forlorn Few, Terteias was an example of the rare occurence that is a freelance arcanist, i.e. one that wields considerable magic despite never having received training at, or in no way being associated with, the College of Magi.

He received his nickname from his audition regarding a place on the expedition crew which would later be known as The Forlorn Few, during which he appeared out of thin air, seemingly from a puff of smoke, to stand before the other members of the expedition.

Seeing this as plenty of evidence regarding his abilities, most of the other expedition members had no objection to him joining, with the exception of Odric the Terrarch, who felt he was making use of unnatural magic.

Terteias the Vanisher

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