"Ol' Rox" Aljurox

Male Greyscaled Skarra, owner of the local supply store


Older male Greyscaled Skarra, formerly Blackscaled, with eyes the shade of mahogany. Walks with a cane and generally wears simple tunics, opting out of a cloak in favor of a large coat.


Probably the oldest resident of Shanties Town that still operates a business, a position only contested by old lady Crick, Aljurox has been around as far as anyone can remember. Having reached an age at which the scales that in his prime were black has ebony have tunred grey, the old Skarra mans his supply store to this day, trodding around the town with his trusty, if somewhat ornate, cane. Loved by basically everyone is Shanties Town as long as he’s not upholding the family honour, anyone that engages Ol’ Rox in an argument may soon find themselves the subject of several angry gazes and pointy objects.

"Ol' Rox" Aljurox

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