Odric the Terrarch

Dwarven druid, member of the lost expedition


A short man, even for a dwarf, with wild brown hair and a persistently unkempt beard, always seen in his druidic tunics.


One of the more enigmatic member of the group subsequently known as The Forlorn Few, Odric was the representative of a druidic circle from the great northern woods known as The Conclave.

While he was a man of few words and fewer jokes, he nonetheless earned the respect of all who had been involved with him due to his talent for wayfinding, along with his considerable magical prowess. Specializing in the subject of nature-infleuncing spells, his command of the very earth itself earned him the nickname “The Terrarch”, an old dwarven word meaning “Lord of the earth”, though he himself simply went by Odric.

Odric the Terrarch

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