Gromg Deepvessel

A male dwarven alchemist and sorcerer, member of the College of Magi and The First Four


A dwarven man in his prime, with a long, braided brown beard, thoughtful eyes and blue magi vestments. Carried a strange ceramic jug with many holes and equally many corks, along with wearing a rather large dwarven belt for an alchemist.


One of the most illustrious graduates from the College of Magi, Gromg Deepvessel was the progenitor of the practice that a member of the College was to join every expedition to new lands in order to deepen the understanding of the world.

One of the greatest alchemists of all time, he was known for the strange jug he always kept close to his person, which seemed to contain a vast array of different substances. He also wore a large belt with a dwarven visage engraved upon the buckle, which is said to have allowed him to test his alchemical concoctions upon himself without risk.

Gromg Deepvessel

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