A feared half-orc mercenary, member of the lost expedition


A half-orc mercenary corded with muscle, sporting a black beard braided with bird skulls and a mohawk ending in a ponytail. Normally seen carrying three spearate longsword, and covered in tribal warpaint.


One of the most feared mercenaries of his time, Durge was a known lover of combat in all its forms. Fighting not for the highest bidder, or even for the most worthy cause, Durge would find himself on the side which would put him in the most dangerous situations.

Living his life on the edge of a blade, both literally and figuratively, once he heard of an band which was going to what was thought to be one of the more perilous places in all of creation, Durge had no choice but to join the group which would be remembered as The Forlorn Few.


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