A former archery and knife-throwing champion, member of the lost expedition


A tiefling sporting rangers gear, which had been modified in order to accomodate a somewhat ridiculous amount of throwing knives. Possessing an angular face even for a tiefling, he was sometimes thought to be sporting a downright sinister visage.


A multiple time archery and knife-throwing champion throughout many contests in Coastfall, Delrith was thought to be incapable of missing his mark.
When his knives failed him, he seemed to have an almost endless source of other ranged weapons such as arrows, throwing axes and javelins from his leaf-shaped quiver which he never let out of his sight.

Despite his hellish appearance and occasional duel in the street, Delrith was thought of as a jovial fellow who did keep equally jovial, if somewhat unsavory, company.

Becoming bored in his superiority and seeing no end to it all, he thought that a trip to the arse-end of the known world could serve to break him out of his stagnation.

The rest, as they say, is history…


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