Clizdis Wilddelver

Female Kobold, local purveyor of animal products


A female Kobold sporting pale green eyes along a number of facial scars and chipped teeth. commonly seen in ranger gear, and sporting a hunter’s cap tipped with an owlbear feather, along with her strange dragon dog Beinod (meaning The Puny in draconic).


The go to person for most wild meat and material in Shanties Town and the surrounding area, Clizdis is a rare example of a kobold that is not only tolerated, but rather well liked outside of Bagley. With a good sense of humour, love of ale and a seldomly matched bloodlust, her movements about Shanties Town cause some to cheer, and others to cringe, while her movemenents within The Haedensturm carry the gravity of the Quarry Lodge

Clizdis Wilddelver

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