Aethul the Slayer

A male elven fencing master, musician and member of The First Four


A tall male elf with his dark hair commonly in the style of a ponytail wearing the green vestments of a bard. Normally seen with Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern, a legendary bardic instrument, on his back and the blade Drakestooth at his side.


One of the more enigmatic of The First Four, Aethul the Slayer got his name from rumours that he had once, while travelling throught the northern mountains, slain a green dragon called Revirax with the aid of his thin blade, which was thereafter known as Drakestooth due to the teeth he had set into the pommel and guard. Known as one of the greatest musicians of his time, the songs he played on the Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern are still admired today.

Aethul the Slayer

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