Beyond the horizon

Take a little off the top

Unicorns galore

On the 40th of Kiriel, in the stairwell leading to the highest floor of Elur Woede, we return to our heroes slughtly off the coast of Aesira, the lost continent.

Having encountered two seemingly conscious waves in the rooms ahead, Krov and Durkax went forth to investigate whether these fluid beings would be inclined towards being friends or foes. Seemingly not hostile, the elemental creatures investigated the group in turn, before returning to their previous task of smashing down the locked doors in the fort.

As Durkax followed them along on their mission, things took a turn for the worse as one of the creatures enveloped him within ints watery form, at which time it began to roil with great concussive force. As the second creature charged the group, battle began. Despite a valiant effort to assist his dragonoid companion, Krov found himself outmatched and was struck down by one of the elementals as Durkax struggled within its grasp.

In the other room, Pelaios and Mattimeo threw their arcane spells at the other creature, which resulted in Pelaios being overcome by the primal forces of his magic and summoning a somewhat perturbed unicorn out of thin air. Around this time, in order to investigate the disturbance, Jiro Cognit made his way up the stairs and, upon being confronted with this somewhat messed up situation, vented his feelings with quite the creative string of expletives, as is his way. Making his way to a proper sniping position, the captain also found himself struck down in short order, not being one for melee combat in the best of times.

Overcoming quite the odds, the party nevertheless emerged victorious and received some healing from their recently arrived equine companion, before the unicorn vanished just as swiftly as it had arrived. After shouting the captain back to consciousness, the band went about going through the different rooms and barracks and looting them in their usual manner. After outsmarting, and being slightly outsmarted by, a trapped door further in, our heroes found themselves in what appeared to have once functioned as an officers chambers.

While searching every nook and cranny for loose change, Durkax managed to find a book-shaped lever which led to the opening to a secret passage. Entering the dark corridor beyond and going down a hidden flight of stairs, our heroes found themselves in an old storeroom which appeared to have served as an escape route for the aforementioned officer, containing several things of value, which the party made their own in short order.

Feeling that they had eliminated the possibility of an enemy pincer movement, the band descended down a slightly poily flight of stairs into the bowels of the fort. Sending Popcor the owl forth, the room ahead seemed to be an old armory, with rusted armor and armaments lining the walls and shelves. It was at this point, whilst looking around their environment, that something unexpected seized our heroes attention. A primal scream of fear and pain coming from further in.

Discovering that they are indeed not alone within Elur Woede, not knowing whether an innocent is truly in danger, or if they are being maliciously baited, is where we will leave our heroes. On their quest to rescue Tethys Zyljeon, in the lower parts of Fort Wrath, Beyond the horizon.


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