Beyond the horizon

Out of the woods

Journeying to the Sunken City

In the early hours of dawn, on the 16th of Kiriel, the party struck camp and resumed their attempt to navigate out of Lînn Woeld.

Making their way opposite the sun, their journey west caused them to enter an area composed almost entirely of bramble and thicket. In an attempt to surmount this obstacle, the band made their way further south, coming upon a large, strange sleeping creature somewhere between a bear and an owl. Despite not making their way forward in the stealthiest manner, the beast kept to its slumber, and the companions reached the edge of the forest, encountering a wide crop field smelling of rotting meat and eggs.

The assembly spotted a humanoid creature standing in the field toiling away with what appeared to be some sort of farm implement. Making their way toward the beckoning figure, they came upon the frame of Ufah Stonesworn, a goliath farmer wielding a large sledgehammer which he used to keep his fields free of rocks. The gentle giant invited the adventurers into his home for some tea, talking fondly to his crops on the way to his house. After a fine conversation including the origin of the smell being a Kenku-harvested substance called “sulfur”, the goliaths niece and nephew and a strange fascination with the concept of gloves, the host bid his guests farewell with a small prayer to the fire god Kossuth.

Later that evening, the party managed to make their way northwest into Fisher’s Way, specifically to the local tavern The Speared Stout. Having an evening meal with their employer “Joz”, the evening flowed into night uneventfully.

The following morning, however, was anything but.
Awoken by what sounded like the entire tavern being torn down one chair at a time, the party came upon a frankly enormous bugbear named Kulaf, who appeared to be interrogating Joz regarding intruders spotted near Karadel’s tower, flanked by two normal-sized bugbear guards.

Keeeping silent, the angry goblinoid turned to the party, inquiring furiously about their origins. Upon the mention that they had come on an expedition from a land called Coastfall, the creature seemingly snapped, letting out a ferocious roar before grabbing the head of one of his own men, and crushing it like a grape against the closest wall. The second bugbear lept upon Kulaf, injecting him with a strange substance which rendered him unconscious. Apologizing slightly, the bugbear then poceeded to drag both Kulaf and its now dead companion out of the tavern by the ankles.

After this unsettling turn of events, Gust appeared looking rather roughed up himself. Evidentally, Joz had not been the first stop on Kulaf’s list.

Deciding to investigate the information they had attained regarding goblin incursions into an old offshore area of Fisher’s way called the Sunken City, the party walked around the city wall in order to make their way unto the broken bridge. Through trial, many an error and the help of Mattimeo’s unseen servant, the band made their way to the other side of the bridges vast breaking point.

Now on the other side of the bridge, our heroes could spot ramshackle rowboats on the edge of the city, which is currently the highest spires which once soared high from the sunken island below the water. Making their way toward the rumored toll office near the end of the bridge, the players were confronted by another bugbear.

This time, however, something seemed very off. The shape shambled towards them, small electrical sparks playing across its form. Suddenly, the body tensed up, shook viciously, and fell to the ground in a crispy state. Standing where the body had just stood was a vaguely humanoid shape seemingly made out of pure lightning. After attempts to communicate had failed, the shape surged with power, striking the ground before the party before dissipating into thin air. Left behind was a message in primoridal: “The way out in inside. Help.”

Making their way to the tollhouse, the more perceptive members of the group noticed that the lock on the door had been smashed open, and the inside showed definite signs of disturbance. From a nearby table, a bugbear wielding a huge DIY’d morningstar pounced upon the players, along with four goblins who had hidden about the building. After a gruesome battle, which included Notsium turning into a FREAKING DIREWOLF and literally biting the face of the previously mentioned bugbear and eating one of the goblins(!), the party did not manage to keep their presence entirely unnoticed, with one goblin escaping into the night.

As darkness stared to fall, our heroes looted a map from the slain bugbear. The map itself, seemingly a handdrawn illustration of the immediate area, had only two markings upon it. One showed the way to the tollhouse in which they were currently standing. The other, located deeper within the city, was simply marked with single word. “Workshop”.

At this moment, surrounded by the smell of blood, guts and victory, the adventure continues.


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