Beyond the horizon

Landing of the Requiescat

Arriving on Aesira

The vessel Requiescat, though somewhat divided, struck land upon the coast of Aesira, the lost continent that has been silent since the arrival of The Forlorn Few .

Awakening on the damaged ship with aching heads and in full gear, the party knew not the circumstances of their arrival. Investigating the scene they found signs of a scuffle, a severed monstrous arm covered in fishlike scales, but no signs of their four companions Ristvek, Nomrock, Tethys and Captain Jiro. Also, the Requiescat appeared to have been torn in half.

Making their way along the coast in the rain with the dark approaching, the band found themselves in the outer part of Fisher’s Way known as Shanties Town. Entering a local tap house called The Speared Stout the companions came to witness strange happenings indeed. No races known to them were present, and in their place the players came to know the lizardlike Skarra, the crowlike Kenku and the merpeople known as the Triton, along with a hooded figure sitting near the stage.
A scuffle was underway between an elderly Skarra called “Ol’ Rox” and another unnamed Skarra. Ending badly for the unnamed party, the tension rose to a new degree as a sinister figure known as Karadel the Vile entered the tavern, had his goblinoid minions collect the body, and payed the barkeep in bloodred gold pieces.

The following morning the barkeep, known by the name of “Joz”, hired the party to remedy his arrangement with this Karadel. The party visited two others in the town who had similar arrangements with the figure: Crick the healer and Gust, the proprietor of another local tavern named The Winter Wind.

While Crick seemed a kind old woman who did not mind her arrangement with Karadel, Gust mentioned that goblins have been seen entering the Sunken City, an abandoned part of Fisher’s Way, frequently in exchange for some information about the party. The band also got wind of a spectre of lightning killing people who venture there, as told by Split, the local woodworker.

The party set out toward Karadel’s tower, which was said to be growing larger in the forest of Lînn Woeld, following the tracks made by the cart used to transport the body until they vanished. When the peak of the tree-like tower was within view, the party crossed the path of a goblin scout group. After dispatching the lesser opponent, the lead goblin was interrogated for information concerning his master. He mentioned that his master takes the bodies into the depths of the tower, after which they are no longer seen. The goblin subsequently perished from its wounds, leaving a stench of blood in the air. A beastly sound, something between a bear and an owl, could be heard throughout the forest and the party decided against sticking around.

Making their way forth, our heroes came upon a clearing, in the middle of which stood the tower, seemingly fashioned in the form of a great obsidian tree. Encircling the tower was a makeshift wooden ringwall, some 20 feet, upon which stood goblin sentries. Unfortunately, when trying to gain entry the party revealed their presence, leading to the sounding of alarms and the hauling of asses in another direction.

The party, while able to give their would be captors the slip, now find themselves in Lînn Woeld without knowing the way out. Unable to make use of the sun as the dark approaches, they set up camp and divide the watch shifts. At dawn, on the 16th of Kiriel, the adventure continues.


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