Beyond the horizon

Kulaf's gambit

An ambush in two parts

In the middle of the night, on the 26th of Kiriel, we return to Aesira to find our heroes fleeing for their lives. Having escaped the clutches of Kulaf only moments ago, the party makes their way into the forest in order to avoid their would-be captors.

After muddling their trail, the band managed to throw the interceptors of their trail, meeting up with Captain Jiro and his recently released companion, Crom the giant eagle. They conversed with the captain about their current state of affairs. Jiro told the party that Crom would need about a week of rest once they got back to Fisher’s Way, during which he would do his best to secure a ship with which they could come to the aid of Tethys, whom he believed was still being held in the same location that he himself had been, below the waters of Dirk’s Cove. After being told to finish up whatever business they had gotten themselves involved with since arriving, the Captain bid them farewell and took to the skies with Crom.

Wanting to put some distance between themselves and the war camp, the party decided to journey somewhat further south, coming upon a small campfire, a dead owlbear and a peculiar pair of creatures. One part of the duo introduced herself as Clizdis Wilddelver,a kobold hunter whom the player had occasionally caught a glance of at The Speared Stout, with the other half of the pair being a strangely draconic hound-like being she called Beinod. After exchanging some pleasantries, she offered the players the companionship of the pair if they intended to make their way back to town. Politely declining her offer, she wished the party good luck in whatever business they had that had infuriated Kulaf to such a degree, and went on her way with the edible parts of the owlbear in tow.

Making camp a short distance away from where the campfire had been burning, the night went by rather uneventfully for the party. In the morning, however, they were surprised to see two goblins seemingly glaring at them from behind the cover of some large trees. Investigating their visitors carefully, it appeared that the goblins had had their lifeless heads pinned to the trees by way of some unusually fletched arrows.

Deciding to set up an ambush for any possible pursuers, the party ventured northward, back towards the war camp. Setting up a large pit at what appeared to be a natural chokepoint, the band noticed the approach of two ogres along with a large, armored form.
Springing their ambush, the party leapt into the fray at combat ensued.

The battle seemed to go in the parties favor. Then, from the left flank, appeared quite the complication. Kulaf sprang forth from his hiding place, shortly followed by the seemingly resurrected Bogin Redcap, and fell upon our heroes. Making his way straight towards Krov, Kulaf wrestled him to the ground and, after a few failed attempts, wrenched the Bag of Holding from his grasp.

As their foes made their escape, seemingly acquiring what they came for after downing Pelaios one last time as a fearsome statement of strength, Mattimeo attempted to sunder the Bag of Holding, risking the dispersal of its content into the Astral Sea in order to keep it from their enemies. Alas, the attempt was valiant but ultimately fruitless, as the magic receptacle held firm while Kulaf and his band made their way into the forest.

Robbed, bloodied and with no good karma in sight is where we will find our heroes next time, on the 27th of Kiriel, Beyond the horizon.


ScatmanScott ScatmanScott

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