Beyond the horizon

Incursion from the depths

The musical episode

At dawn, on the 18th of Kiriel, we find our heroes resting upon one of the warded bridges connecting the discovered spires. Having investigated the items they had found earlier during this time of rest, Mattimeo ripped a patch from the robe of Vehemaia the Patcher, which changed itself into the form of a Bag of Holding, giving the band an easy way to store their assorted accoutraments.

Moving on, the party followed the bridge to another set of grand doors, these inlaid with scenes of archery and hunting, above which hung a plaque which read: “Spire of the Flusher”. With Krov using his newfound mighty strength to heave apart, and partially break down, the swollen doors, the band found themselves in what appeared to be an old trophy room. Svouting the dark room, the group found themselves among between a number of terryfying beasts including a Dire Wolf, an Owlbear and the mounted skull of what appeared to be an adult dragon. The group also found an adjacent, caved in kennel of some sort, upon the doors of which, one the side leading to the trophy hall, were the words “Feel the bite of fear”.

After some brilliant investigative work, including Durkax experiencing the feeling of being on the other end of a Direwolf attack due to a certain hallucinogen, the group managed to spring open the dragon maw through a series of hidden levers. Venturing inside, they found what looked like a small private study containing a table, what may at one point have been a chair, and a portrait covering one of the walls depicting Olkarn Cern and her black mastiff Rux. Within the study our heroes also found what appeared to be a small hunting journal signed by Olkarn and Odric the Terrarch, which would later be labeled “The Cern Journal” after Durkax attuned to the tome.

Moving down a level within the spire, the party found themslves in a large archery range containing many pieces of equipment, along with evidence of a close, competetive relationship between Olkarn and Delrith, a member of the Forlorn Few. Their trip through history was, however, interrupted by two harrowing discoveries: someone had used the chamber as a campsite, complete with bedrolls, and an armored figure stood gazing towards the party at the other end of the hall.

When the party attempted to investigate this seemingly unmoving figured, they triggered a tripwire alarm, which caused the armored target mannequin to fall to the ground with a tremendous clang. From the depths came creatures somewhere between shark and man, with scales nearly identical to those which covered the arm the party had found upon the Requiescat. Calling to arms, the party engaged these monstrous foes in heated battle, with two of them fleeing to the depths once the fight turned against them.

After recovering from the scuffle, which included Mattimeo removing another patch from the robe, acquiring an Immovable Rod for his trouble, the party made their way out of the tower through a semi-obstructed hallway. Finding themselves crossing the central platform which once connected all the towers to one another, they observed the Spectre hovering over the furthest tower, before making their way to the closest tower, whose doors where inlaid with bardic imagery.

Entering the Spire of the Slayer, a vast musical hall was discovered. With an assortment of stages, and with the tools of the art covering the walls, the heroes drew upon their inner performers.

Pelaios was the first one to mount one of the stages, performing an inspiring percussive cover of The Lay of Sir Savien, earning himself an incandescent rhytm pattern around hiw wrist. While this revealed a series of glowing steps leading up to the chandelier which dominated the ceiling, it also rendered him invisible and silenced to the others as long as he remained upon the stage.

Krov and Mattimeo took to another stage, performing an interesting interpretation of the famous play “Camlet”, with Krov’s very real fury earning him a glowing pattern much like Pelaios, with identical effects.

Durkax attempted to woo the room with his impressive singing voice. The latent magic, however, did not share his draconic tastes, rocketing him headfirst down a stairwell after two failed attempts. Mattimeo was the one who, in the end, claimed the minstrels pattern.

Durkax found his own luck through the base lute, which the latent magic deemed sufficient to grant him the lutists pattern.

Making their way up toward the chandelier from their respective stages, the party found themselves before a dark, aqueous cylinder. One by one, the band entered the cylinder, finding themselves transported through time and space, arriving in what could only be described as a scholars tavern.

Facing mysteries from both above and below, with the musical prospects looking mighty slim, in the middle of a strange, abandoned tavern. This is where our heroes find themselves, Beyond the horizon.


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