Beyond the horizon

Guerilla warfare

Some minds think alike

Having received a strange message demanding their attendance at the Petrified Innkeep, Krov and Mattimeo, the latter in disguise, headed for the location on the 24th of Kiriel. Unbeknownst to them, Durkax had made an attempt to escape his and Pelaios’ hostage-like situation. An attempt which ended with him bound considerably tighter than before.

On their way to the tavern, the Dragonborn and Mousefolk duo noticed a great influx of travelers of both mercantile and mercenary varieties, and were informed that the coming morning was the Opening Dawn, a time when the Council of Paruns were officially out of session, and the gates to the Haedensturm would once again open to the world.

Arriving at the Petrified Innkeep, located in one of the more run-down parts of Shanties Town, in addition to running into one Ufah Stonesworn, satisfied with his procurement of a pair of gloves since their last meeting, the duo had a somewhat strange meeting. The sender of the message turned out to be a Bugbear named Rast, who proposed a way to deal with a mutual problem as the price for the safe return of their companions. The problem in question being Kulaf who, with the help of Karadel, had apparently ousted Rast from the leadership of his clan, replacing him with Kulaf. Rast proposed that if the party were to take care of Kulaf, he would retake the leadership of his clan, remove them from the area, and leave Karadel without a sizeable force protecting his tower. Betrayal would result in the party being ratted out to Karadel, and left to face his wrath.

Agreeing to the proposition, the duo was given a map with four locations marked: an abandoned farm where the rest of the party were held, two scout camps and a sizeable war camp, with all but the farm being manned by those loyal to Kulaf.
Making their way north towards the farm, the duo freed Durkax, Pelaios and Jiro Cognit from their bindings. Captain Jiro revealed that he, along with Tethys, had been held by the race known as Sahuagin, and had been forced to trade information in exchange for being provided oxygen while underwater.

Getting back to Shanties Town, the party had a few encounters, with Pelaios making the acquaintance of the Tabaxi minstrel Dust, Mattimeo trading a bit of wine to Gust the bartender, and Captain Jiro getting drunk as a skunk.

The following morning, Captain Jiro set out on his own to find his pet eagle Crom, after which he would attempt to secure a ship with which the band could make their way to the island were the Captain and Tethys had been held. Meanwhile, our heroes hit one of the scout camp, and despite an ogre-sized complication, they hit it hard.

During the night, however, some of those on watch could have sworn that they saw movement in the darkness. This was all but confirmed the following morning, when they were greeted with the phrase “You will have to do better than that. See you soon.” having been written in the dirt of the raided camp.

Steeling themselves for further challenges, and knowing that they have probably been discovered, the party makes haste south-east. On the 26th of Kiriel, intent on hitting the larger war camp with all their might, is where we find our heroes, Beyond the horizon.


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