Beyond the horizon

Assault on Camp Kulaf

Lost, like spears in the rain

On the 26th of Kiriel, we return to our heroes as they make their way toward the large war camp which had been marked on the map they had received from Rast. Following an old game trail, the party was however accosted by a strange creature, goblinoid in appearance, but wearing a bloodred cap along with a pair of heavy iron boots which had seemingly been fused to its legs. The creature, later identified as Bogin Redcap, charged the band with great fury, dropping Mattimeo with an ironbound kick.

During the ensuing battle, the creature demanded that the party return what they had stolen. This tirade did not last long, and our heroes were swiftly victorious. With its final breaths, the creature rasped at the party that they would find them. Gasping its last breath, the iron boots no longer appeared fused to its legs, and the bloodred colour slowly drained from its cap, leaving it a sullen shade of grey.

After this rather unsettling intermission, the band made their way toward the war camp. Arriving at a natural basin surrounded by a steep cliff, with rainfall having overtaken the skies and moving towards becoming a truly torrential downpour, the party spied the camp within the basin itself. Formulating a cunning plan, an unseen servant was tasked with carrying vials of sodium acquired earlier, so as to perform the medieval equivalent of a bombing run upon the camps population of goblins, ogres and worgs.

Once the servant had dropped its load into the face of a patrolling goblin and its canine companion, the party was discovered, horns were blown by the camps inhabitants, and battle ensued.

Our heroes fought bravely, but were pulled into a trap by the occupants of the camp. Once the majority of the band were within reach, one of the camps ogres reached for two large hidden chains. Pulling these taught, a concealed palisade similar to those protecting the points were the cliff no longer provided the camp cover was pulled from the ground, trapping the players inside the camp. During this process, bolts also begun firing from an unknown location towards the covered cage in the rear of the camp.

Once the party had fallen for the trap, their situation did not improve. Exiting the largest tent in the camp, Kulaf the bugbear joined the fray with a great leap, bringing his wrath upon Krov and nearly downing the dragonborn in an instant. The battle continued further, with worgs and ogres dying left and right, Pelaios being knocked unconscious but recovering swiftly, and Krov driven near the brink of his own consciousness twice more.

Then, finally, a distraction! A final bolt rang against the lock holding the cage at the rear of the camp closed. The lock shattered, unleashing a giant eagle, and a familiar gnomish voice ringing out and telling our merry band to get the hell out of their current situation. While the pleyers attempted to fight of their foes long enough to make their escape, Captain Jiro burst into the camp, carried by his companion Crom, the giant eagle. Using a small crossbow in an attempt to give the party some room, the window created allowed Mattimeo to wither the palisade through necromancy.

Once the palisade had been disabled, Kulaf was restrained by Durkax, lest he impede their escape. During this time, seemingly impossinly quickly, reinforcements approached the camp. Nonetheless, the party managed to outrun these new foes and made their way into the woods, chased by the angry roars of the restrained Kulaf.

Fleeing for their lives, with their enemies nipping at their heels, is where we find our heroes in the evening of the 26th of Kiriel. What manner of fate wil befall them the next time we join them, Beyond the horizon?


ScatmanScott ScatmanScott

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